Passware Kit

Passware (Proprietary)

Passware Password Recovery Kit is a program that enables users to recover lost passwords of their password-protected files and programs. This program can also recover lost passwords of Internet and network connections, email accounts, websites as well as Microsoft Outlook passwords, Outlook Express accounts and identities, and passwords of remote desktops. Passware Password Recovery Kit is small, portable and uses a windows-based interface. This program supports various file types and formats such as RAR and ZIP archives, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, Paradox, and WordPro.

Passware Password Recovery Kit’s main window has four options: “Recover File Password” which allows users to recover the password for local files in the computer’s hard drive, “Recover Internet and Network Passwords” which enable users to recover password information of the computer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the Local Area Network (LAN), “Reset Windows Administrator Password” which allows users to change the administrator password without the need to recover the old one, and “Search for Protected Files” which conducts an overall search of the local drives for password protected files. Passware Password Recovery Kit also has a password-recovery wizard feature that allows the user to provide certain information that would help the program decrypt the lost password.