PassMark Software SoundCheck 3.0

PassMark Software (Freeware)

PassMark Software Soundcheck is an application that allows for the testing of computer soundcards. Its main function is to check whether or not an installed PC sound card can play and record sounds at various bitrates. The utility can also allow users to check their hearing range by generating test tones at various frequencies. These frequencies can then be looped back into the computer’s sound card using proprietary PassMark Audio Loopback Cables to check for any discrepancies, distortion, or any other audio glitches that may occur. This is useful especially in situations where clear audio playback or recording is required. Playback and recording bitrates allowed range from 8, 16, and 24 bit. Audio sample rates range from 5000 Hz to 128,000 Hz.

The application shows this information onscreen via a highly detailed spectrometer that monitors both input and output. This spectrometer can be calibrated to suit the user’s needs with options to control the refresh rate and grid size available as well. Other information such as data input and output rates, record and playback buffers, sample rate, and frequency are also displayed. Options for stereo or mono recording and/or monitoring are also available. For more extensive speaker systems, 3D sound testing is also available. Users can specify where a sound is coming from using a graph and the application then generates test tones with respect to the user-inputted position.