PassMark BurnInTest

PassMark Software (Bundled)

PassMark BurnIn Test is a system stress test tool developed by PassMark and released in November 2012. This software will simulate stress that a computer should be experiencing in a long period of time and apply that stress over a short period of time so as to test the capacities of the system and its individual components. PassMark BurnIn Test tests a system’s CPU, hard drives, memory and even external drives. This software can also test graphics related hardware like 2D graphics and 3D graphics as well as any video card installed in the system. It also tests network connection and attached accessories like printers and keyboards.

PassMark BurnIn Test's main interface shows 4 tabs for System Information, Burn In Results, Event Log, and Temperature. System Information shows the System Summary and specific information regarding the hardware installed including CPU, RAM, Video card, etc. Burn In Results tab shows the last test configuration, test duration and the status. Every part tested are listed alongside the number of operations done during the test, errors found and error description, if any. Event Log shows the test history of the system including the status, date executed, source, and brief description. PassMark BurnIn Test also allows users to customize BurnIn Test preferences per type of hardware tested. It also allows users to customize the program’s actions pre-test and post-test. Users may also configure the tests according to hardware chosen and the duty cycles for each.