Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery 3.8

Passcape Software (Shareware)

Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery or PIEPR is an application that shows passwords that are saved in Internet Explorer. This program can be utilized by users who manage several accounts with different passwords using the Internet Explorer web browser. The program is capable of retrieving information on forms and passwords. Other features of the application are listed below:

• reveals Internet Explorer passwords that are masked behind asterisks
• passwords and information gathered by the application can be exported as Excel, HTML, or Text files
• users can enable or disable password caching
• comes with help and instructions for novice computer users
• support for viewing URLs, favorites, cache entries, and cookies

Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery is user friendly. It has a wizard interface that teaches users how to utilize the program. The wizard can run in five different modes – automatic, manual, content advisor, asterisks passwords, and miscellaneous. Users also have the option to enable or disable logging of content gathered by the program. Other options include the Internet Explorer version, the location of the password, profile path, and the Windows directory. Passwords revealed using the program are placed on a list. Other information included on the list are the resource type, resource name, username, and password.