Party Planner

GamesCafe (Shareware)

Party Planner by GamesCafe is a fun and challenging time management game that revolves around planning parties and features a game play that is unique and non-linear. Party Planner is set in the fictitious town of Bashville. The main character is Pepper. Players of Party Planner face the challenge faced by real-life event planners and deal with high society clients with strict requirements and high expectations. There are around 60 character personalities whose needs players of this game need to fulfill.

Party Planner players work with the tools provided by the game. Players have to choose d├ęcor, snacks and beverages, entertainment features, and other event parameters in response to the requirements of the client. There are numerous party locations to choose from. A team of professional staff is provided to the player to manage, mingle and help during the event. Specific goals have to be achieved by players during certain stages of the event in order to level up.

Party Planner features power-ups to help the player overcome the challenges presented by social gathering such as art shows, gala events, sun and surf, backyard barbecues, and many others. The players of the game can utilize these power-ups in order to ensure that the party is a success. Apart from dealing with demanding hosts, Party Planner players also have to deal with party crashers.