Party Down

Merscom (Shareware)

Party Down is time management casual game developed by the company, Merscom. It is based on the Starz Entertainment television series of the same name, which stars popular Hollywood actors including Glee’s Jane Lynch and Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott. In this game, the player takes on the role of a caterer who aspires to get a big break in the entertainment industry. The player has the option to assume the role of Dave or Shannon, both of whom have very similar storylines. After starring in several low-budget commercials, both Dave and Shannon are still hoping to get a major acting project.

To increase their chances of landing a huge acting job, Dave and Shannon put up Part Down, which caters only to celebrities. One of the jobs featured in the game is a birthday party for A-lister Angelina Jolie. In these types of scenarios, the player must drag and drop various celebrities around the event in order to earn money. In this instance, Brad Pitt must be places in specific spots in the venue such as the couch, bar, etc. Other guests will occasionally make requests, which the player must fulfill as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges is matching the guests with one another in order for them to interact. The player must make sure that s/he matches celebrities with similar interests, and networks with other actors to raise the popularity level of Party Down’s staff members.