Partition Manager Professional

Paragon (Proprietary)

Paragon Partition Manager Professional is a powerful hard disk drive management tool for PCs. It is a program for creating, editing, managing, and maintaining hard drives and their partitions. It aims to be an all-in-one solution for an end-user’s data management needs. The program also has an integrated boot manager. For users with many operating systems spanning different partitions of their hard drives, this makes it easier for them to manage and select which operating system boots by default or which operating system they would like to boot at a particular time. Coupling this with Paragon’s exclusive Universal File System Driver, many of the different type of file systems used by different operating systems.

Partitioning with Partition Manager Professional is made faster in version 14 with Paragon’s new Partition Engine. There are two types of partitioning methods available, one for basic users and another for more advanced users. The program allows for the merging, splitting and resizing of partitions without the need to reboot the computer. File system conversion between Windows NTFS and Apple HFS+ file systems are also possible, without requiring the user to reformat the partitions. Other conversions such as converting dynamic MBR or GPT disks containing simple volumes into a basic MBR disk or vice-versa. Apart from all these partition management tools, the program also has integrated backup tools that allow backing up to virtual drives, restoring from virtual drives, and so on.

Other features include
• Backup Wizard
• Selective Restore
• Boot Corrector