Partition Commander

Avanquest Software (Proprietary)

Partition Commander is a system utility that enables users to optimize their hard drive’s performance through the creation and management of partitions. This tool lets users perform simple partitioning commands (create, format, delete, restore, merge) and see a visual representation of their partitions and the unused disk space in their hard drive.

Accessing the main features of this utility is easily done through the Quick Launcher Wizard, which contains the partitioning commands that are most commonly used. Aside from hard disk partitioning, this program can also be used to create a complete backup of the user’s system before any modification to the partition is applied.

Partition Commander enables users to divide a hard drive into two or more partitions, so that the operating system and installed applications (including games) run faster. Users will also be able to redistribute their hard drive’s free space. This program also enables users to run multiple operating systems on one computer. The program’s Boot Manager gives users the option to select which OS they would like to load upon system startup.

This program also allows users to do the following:

• Defragment and clean up their hard drive to optimize storage capacity and increase speed
• Create backup and rescue disks
• Fix computer startup errors
• Protect important files while partitioning
• Recover deleted partitions