particleView 3.2.1

wondertouch, LLC (Freeware)

particleView, formerly known as ShowIEL, is  a viewer program developed by Wondertouch, LLC. This freeware enables users to view a specific effect called particleIllusion. Originally, the program was designed for viewing particleIllusion effects only. However, Wondertouch added various elements to the program.

To use this program, the user must choose a particleIllusion Emitter file from the installed libraries. Afterwards, the user must click and draw the selected file around the window. This creates a series of particles. Changing the emitters, or effects, is also possible while using the program. This can be done either by using the Right and Left arrow keys or by using the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Aside from the “grab” function that is used for saving the present image to TGA, the program also offers functions to disable the erasing function. The application also features the emitter search engine, which serves as a search tool where the user can enter an emitter name keyword. The search engine then displays all the available emitters from all the installed libraries.

Here are some functions users can do while viewing particleIllusion:

• Zooming function – The program offers five different zoom levels from 25% to 500%. Users can use the + or – sign to zoom in or out the window.
• Toggle function – particleView also offers this function for toggling different effects/motion such as motion blur, deflector, and erasing functions.
• Change Background – The background of the window can also be changed. Users can use a plain color background (i.e. black, white, or grey) or use an image as a background.
• Full-Screen Window – The program also offers a full-screen mode that enables users to maximize the window into full-screen without any borders.