Overland Conveyor (Bundled)

Particle Motion Analyst is an application used in the fields of physics and engineering in analyzing particle data. This data includes the speeds and locations of particles as they go through a portal, or a gateway through which particles pass. This application contains an analysis tool that makes use of portals to generate data from the stream of particles flowing through them. In addition to portal flow analysis, this program also includes tools that enable users to do the following analyses:

• Angle of repose analysis – gives users the angle and illustrates it on a cross-section of a material pile. The data can be used in tests on material characterization.
• Bin/grid analysis – separates particles into different bins characterized by a 3D grid. This enables users to divide the simulation and save these as CSV files for exporting to spreadsheet programs or to XLS files for exporting to Microsoft Excel.

This application is part of Overland Conveyor’s post-processing applications that help users in visualizing and analyzing information about particles they are working with. It works hand-in-hand with the company’s Bulk Flow Analyst and DEMView programs. Particle Motion Analyst enables users to read the position file generated from a particle simulation (done using Bulk Flow Analyst) and access the velocity data. With this application, users can narrow down the output scope to focus on a particular volume, velocity range, or time period. As a result, a custom analysis of particle data can be undertaken.