particleIllusion 3.0.4

wondertouch, LLC (Bundled)

particleIllusion is a graphics application that enables users to create various types of effects including explosions, smoke, motion graphics backgrounds, abstract artistic effects, and more. It works mainly in 2D space. However, the created particle motions can provide a virtual 3D animation. The program can also be supported by the OpenGL, which allows it to speed up the rendering process. This feature allows users to create graphics in real-time preview. The application offers over 2,600 particle effects.

The program offers several uses. It can be used for adding effects to images or videos. It can also be used to create motion graphics elements. Aside from this, particleIllusion is also used for building customized animated backgrounds. Users may also utilize the application for distorting images or videos. To use the program users only have to choose the particle emitters or effects, add them to the project window then render the selected emitter. But, aside from this, the program also offers optional steps depending on how the user uses particleIllusion. The program offers a function for loading images and/or videos where the effects will be added. Adjusting emitter position is possible as well. Keyframing the position of the emitter is also possible. Aside from the position, the emitter’s parameters can be adjusted also.