Parrot Audio Configuration Tool

Parrot (Freeware)

Parrot Audio Configuration Tool is a program intended for controlling Parrot loudspeakers. Bluetooth is used here for establishing audio communications by sending data through a short-distance radio link. This application lets a number of electronic devices communicate with each other. Through this program, users will be able to configure and connect their Parrot loudspeakers to their audio player, whether it is installed on a computer or mobile phone. Connection is done via line-in or Bluetooth technology.

With the Parrot Audio Configuration Tool, users can control the volume of the device, put some sound effects, improve audio performance, sync video and audio signals, modify frequency settings, change the device name, and update product software. This tool is part of the Parrot Audio Suite, which also has a Parrot Sound Manager. The Parrot Sound Manager application enables users to establish a connection between the speakers and PC through wireless connection. On the other hand, the configuration tool lets users modify a number of Bluetooth and audio parameters.

To use the Parrot Audio Configuration Tool, it must first be installed in a computer with a built-in Bluetooth device. If the computer does not have a built-in Bluetooth, users may connect a Bluetooth dongle instead. Users must ensure that there is no active music streaming connected to the Parrot system. Users can then follow the configuration instructions shown on the screen.