SEK GmbH (Shareware)

Paraworld is an RTS (real-time strategy) game wherein players try to team up native tribes and beasts to save a world parallel to theirs. The parallel world is being pursued by an evil group called SEAS (the Society of Exact Alternative Science) led by Jarvis Babbit because that world is a place where people do not age and electricity is not a necessity. The hero units of the game are comprised of an American geologist named Anthony Cole, a Swedish biologist named Stina Holmlund, and a Hungarian physics genius named Béla András Benede. Their work led them to believe that a parallel world exists.

The game makes use of Army Controller, a management interface that enables players to see all their game units. Other information that can be seen are the state of danger, their in-game activities, health, and if they can already level up. The game can be played on single-player and multi-player mode. It features around 50 units with different skills and detailed graphics of warring tribes and species of dinosaurs.

Other key features of this game include the following:

• Nine different types of heroes that come from three varying tribes – Dragon clan (Asian), Dustriders (African), and the Norsemen (Viking-inspired).
• Supports three types of multiplayer mode via LAN or the Internet.
• Three varying units for the characters including animal, machine, and human.
• Heroes have the ability to construct building, develop and gain new skills and utilize different objects in the game