Paranormal Agency

G5 Entertainment (Shareware)

Paranormal Agency is a themed hidden object game developed and published by the company G5 Entertainment. The plot has a supernatural feel and revolves around the character Heather Mills, who is a detective and owns her own detective agency. She has supernatural abilities that enable her to see spirits, ghosts, and strange objects. Heather’s main goal is resolving mysterious, paranormal crimes in her city, especially eliminating poltergeists. Her adventures revolve around her client’s cases, which all compel her to face these paranormal creatures. The player takes on the role of Heather and hunts for various hidden items in different parts of the city.

There are more 50 levels to play in Paranormal Agency. There are five types of hidden object challenges, as well as seven mini-games that players can get into during breaks in the game. For every random click, the player loses 20 seconds of time limit. Previous levels can be replayed simply by clicking on them on the map. The player has to complete each level in order to progress in the game. In addition, more light is shed on the reason behind the poltergeists’ attacks. Toward the end of the game, the player discovers all the characters responsible for the supernatural occurrences in the city.