PaRaMeter 1.4

ClevefStat (Freeware)

PaRaMeter, short for Page Rank Meter, is a program used for monitoring and checking the page rank of a website on Google search results. This allows users to learn the relevance of their personal or professional website whenever other users make a search. Other key features of the PaRaMeter program are listed below:

• Capable of monitoring the website’s page views, reach, and traffic rank from Alexa
• Support for exporting the results as a CSV file for reference
• Users can import a text file consisting of URLs that need to be checked
• Capable of extracting the pages of a website in order to perform analysis
• Displays other information, such as thumbnail, cookies, and website IP address

PaRaMeter has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which makes it easy to use for both beginners and advanced computer users. Menus can be found at the top portion of the main window. Users can view page rank information on the left side of the window. More information can be seen on the DataCenter when one of the URLs is selected. The program also comes with a comprehensive help file that enables users to learn how to use the application and its many features.