Parallels Workstation 6.0

Parallels Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates. (Shareware)

Parallels Workstation is a program made by a developer of server and desktop visualization apps. This particular program comprises an Intel x86-compatible virtual machine, which means that it can create and execute a number of virtual x86 computers. Similar to other virtualization programs of its kind, this workstation mainly runs on a software connection between the main operating system and the host computer. This operator is called hypervisor technology. This hypervisor handles some machine hardware resources directly, as well as facilitating an interface for the main OS and the monitors of the virtual machine. These abilities enable users to significantly reduce overhead.

Every virtual machine enabled by Parallels Workstation has RAM, drives, hard disks, and processors per unit. All devices in the virtual environment are set up and supported by the workstation, including the adapters for video, network, and the hard drives. Pass-throughs for USBs and parallel ports come in the form of drivers. Since all virtual guest systems utilize the same drivers regardless of the hardware on the main computer, the instances of these virtual machines are portable. A virtual machine currently in operation may be restarted, stopped, or copied onto another actual computer system via the said workstation.