Parallels Transporter Agent 7.0

Parallels Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates. (Freeware)

Parallels Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates created the Parallels Transporter Agent 7.0 and it was initially released in 2011. This is a program that serves one basic purpose. It helps users transfer all of their existing personal computer files to their Mac computer systems. Aside from helping people accomplish PC to Mac file transfers, this program has also been modified to work on file transfers from one PC to another.

The Parallels Transporter Agent 7.0 also provides users with the tools that are needed to successfully and securely transfer files from one computer to a virtual storage facility. This is another offshoot of its primary purpose - aiding in file migration with a relatively simple system. It aids in the transfer data files, audio clips, audio files, program data, and other computer information to virtual storage,  and does so in an efficient and secure manner. The users can easily transfer files from a computer to an external drive by means of a USB link or through virtual migration via the Internet.

The program can easily be downloaded and installed in any computer. It works with various operating systems. The user can choose to manually configure the program or rely on its automatic settings.