Parallels Tools Center

Parallels Software International, Inc. (Bundled)

Parallels Tools Center is an application bundled with the Parallels Desktop program. This application serves as a control panel used in managing the Parallels Tools that is available when running a Windows Guest Operating System in the Parallels Desktop application.

The Parallels Tools Center program has three main functions. The first one is to verify the status of the Parallels Tools. The second function is to disable/enable the Parallels Tools, and the third is for configuring the tools.

The Parallels Tools Center application can be used to manage the Clipboard Synchronization Tools. Aside from enabling/disabling this tool, a Current Clipboard Content dialog is also available to display the existing scrollable clipboard contents. These contents can also be removed using the Clear button.

The program also controls the Time Synchronization Tool Option. The Parallels Tool Center program provides configuration settings found in the Advanced Options. The configuration settings available for this tool are Synchronization Interval, Sec., and Keep Time Difference between Primary and Guest Operating Systems.

Controlling the Video Driver Options, Mouse Synchronization Tool Options and Network Driver Options are also possible with this application. However, the only configuration that can be done for these Parallels Tools is for disabling/enabling the tools.

Other available Tools Options found in the application are the Disk Compacting Tool Options, Shared Folders Options, Favorite Applications Tool, and the Coherence Tool. The Parallels Tool Center application can be used to disable/enable these tools with added configuration options important for each tool.