Paragon Drive Copy

Paragon Software Group (Shareware)

Paragon Drive Copy is a disk migration software developed by Paragon Software Group. The program enables users to migrate the contents of a hard disk into another hard disk. This is highly useful when upgrading computer hardware or when duplicating hard disks. When upgrading smaller hard disks to ones with larger space, users can utilize this program to migrate the operating system or OS of the old one to the new one. Users need not reinstall programs nor reinstall the OS, as the computer will boot from the new hard drive as if nothing has changed. The program can also be used in creating backup copies of the hard disk contents. , and also supports data migration between hard disks of different sector sizes. This application also functions as a disk cloning program. It enables users to make an exact clone of a hard disk, from the OS to all the contents included in the drive.

Paragon Drive Copy features data migration among several  storage media options including Hard disk drives (HDD),  Solid State Drives (SSD), and virtual machines (VM). The program supports several migration options including V2P, P2V, P2P, and V2V, with P for Peer, and V for Virtual machine. Paragon Drive Copy also recognizes storage drives with up to 2TB disk capacity, and comes with Virtualization, Partitioning, and Disk Optimization functions.