Paradox for Windows Runtime 11.50

Corel Corporation (Freeware)

Paradox for Windows Runtime is an RDMS (Relational Database Management System) program developed for viewing, editing, and entering various complex database records stored in covert data files. It is considered as the predecessor and Windows counterpart of Paradox for DOS. It runs on a Hypercard derivative that utilizes an advanced object-based language for faster compatible processing in Windows OS. The program features an independent scaling facility that gives users the ability to work in zoomed or magnified mode to view more details from a complex series of databases. Additionally, users can edit the Forms and Reports properties via the Xerox Alto-inspired properties editor.

Paradox for Windows Runtime is designed to run automated tasks on any table or database file using standard scripts. Launching the program will open a standard window that displays desktop items. The window serves as the working area where users can easily manage their files, define or set-up program defaults, and assign control keys to runtime objects. The software also supports visual objects, which are readily controlled and edited through right-click options. Finally, Paradox for Windows Runtime is equipped with layout and property inspection tools that are optionally pinned to the display screen for instant user access.