White Birds Productions (Proprietary)

Paradise is an adventure game developed for the PC by White Birds productions. In this game, Ann Smith, travels back from Europe to her home country in Africa after hearing her father, King Rodon, is terminally sick. King Rodon is the dictator of the country of Maurania. However, rebels shot down Ann's plane. After the rescue operation that saves her, Ann finds herself not remembering anything. She does not remember who she is. She also does not remember why she is in Africa.

Paradise is a point, click, and text computer game. The game's narrative is told through a series of text displayed on the screen. The game also has voice actors that speak out the lines. Most of the time, the player is presented with a need to find objects in the screen. The player's task is to look at the game environment for these objects. When found, the mouse cursor should be pointed at them. The objects in the game can also be used for interaction. Blocks can be moved. Small items can be picked up. People can be engaged in conversations. These are necessary especially in solving the game’s puzzle elements. These puzzles must be completed in order to advance the story. Moving from one location to another also requires the player to click on the various areas in the game.