Panotour Pro

Kolor (Proprietary)

Panotour Pro is an application used for creating virtual tours and panoramic images on websites. The program is widely used for professional websites and businesses to showcase locations in a 360-degree view. No programming knowledge is required to use the application. With the application’s intuitive user interface, every task can be done with just a mouse click. The program accepts different image file formats including TIFF, RAW, PNG, JPG, and PSD.

Panotour Pro supports the drag and drop feature, which allows the user to link several images together just by choosing an image and dragging it to another image. Users can link a hundred images to form a 360 view of a location. It is also possible to create an interactive virtual tour with the Hotspots feature. Hotspots come in different types (rectangle, pinpoint, or polygon), which when clicked will do a certain task (open a website, play a sound, or display text).

Additional feature of the program are:

• Ability to embed animations and images in 3D on the virtual tour
• Embedding of HTML sites on the virtual tour itself
• Redirect viewers to an external website by adding a link on the virtual tour
• Embedding of maps for virtual tours that support GPS data
• Includes four types of themes for 2D and 3D tours