Kolor (Shareware)

Panotour, developed by Kolor, is a computer application that allows its users to create digital virtual tours of various properties and locations. Unlike other programs, this application allows for the generation of multi-view tours, which means that users can design digital tours to showcase multiple areas at once. It offers all of the necessary tools that will allow users to create their tours in minutes. This is made possible by the click and drag feature of the program. For each image there is a designated hotspot, and this is what the user has to click to drag. With this tool, users can incorporate one image (the main image) into another one (the target image). The same process can be used to create links between tour areas.

With Panotour, users can work with static images and videos. After the integration process is complete, it is possible to add more effects to the digital file, enabling users to add a 3D effect for the virtual tour. There are different styles of animations that can be incorporated into the project that can add to its overall appeal. Apart from linking images and similar files, it is also possible to connect presentations with external links to different websites. It is also possible to link images with information pages if necessary.