Panorama Editor

kolor (Bundled)

Panorama Editor is an imaging utility that is used in modifying panoramas created in Autopano Pro, a program that enables users to assemble a panorama from multiple images. The program can also correct colors and exposure automatically to create a seamless panorama. The editing utility has its own interface that is divided into 4 main areas:

• Panorama editing area – this is where the editing tools can be found. The tools include options for zooming into the panorama, moving images, and displaying the panorama in a grid
• Toolbar – this contains editing tool groups
• Layers editor – this is where users can see the multiple images classified according to criteria and delete images
• Information window – this window displays the history, parameters of the active tool, and information on the panorama assembly

One of the key features of Autopano Pro’s Panorama Editor is the grid view. Here, the panorama is displayed in a space that is defined in degrees or in pixels, giving the user total control on how the individual images are set and making it easier to edit the whole panoramic image. The grid view may be easily enabled or disabled by clicking on the grid icon at the bottom right of the display area.