Pandora Recovery

Pandora Corp. (Freeware)

Pandora Recovery is a program that enables users to retrieve their files and folders that have already been deleted. This program is capable of scanning the user’s hard disk and retrieve files and folders that were deleted recently or even for as long as one month. The concept behind the program’s design is that when a user deletes a file or folder written on a FAT32 or NTFS file system, the data is not totally erased from the hard disk. The only thing that the system marks as deleted is the file data reference in the File Allocation Table or Master File Table. This means that a user can retrieve files and folders and make them visible again. However, Pandora Recovery can only retrieve files that are not corrupted.

Pandora Recovery has a simple interface that has four parts: first part is the main command bar located on the top portion of the window, which allows users to execute actions such as browse, search, surface scan, deep scan, and recover. The leftmost panel contains a collapsible directory tree that displays the computer’s disk drives. This panel allows users to select a location where they can perform scans and file retrievals. The upper left space is the file display area where the program displays the files and folders retrieved from a source drive. Users can view information such as the file name, file size, and file type in this area. The bottom right space is the preview panel where users can preview the selected file to be recovered.