Pandora (Freeware)

Pandora or Pandora Internet Radio is an Internet radio application that was first launched in 2000. The music service is only available for users from the Unites States. Pandora allows users to listen to music based on the songs that they type into the application. Similar songs are displayed and users can rate the songs positively or negatively. These choices affect the song suggestions that are offered to the user in the future.

Pandora also serves as a music store. While listening online, users have the option to purchase songs or full albums from different music retailers online. Users can also discover songs by browsing the different genres. The application’s main menu has different choices that the user can pick from to further customize the listening experience. Some of these include the reason for the song selection, bookmark, new radio station, and move song to another station. The program consists of almost a million tracks from 80,000 music artists.

Other features of the application are:
• Pandora Facebook application
• Pandora podcast
• Support for mobile devices
• Support for home devices
• Support for playback in selected vehicles

Pandora offers two types of subscriptions. The free subscription has ad-support, while users who subscribe to the program can use it without ads.