Pando Networks (Freeware)

Pando is a file-sharing application developed by Pando Networks. It is used for downloading, sharing, and streaming media files. The program’s primary purpose is to send large files via client-server and peer-to-peer systems. It offers various downloading features such as accelerating and managing download files, bypassing limits of email attachments, publishing downloadable media files, emailing large documents of up to 1GB, and more.

The program offers security features for communication among peers. It utilizes 256-bit encryption to operate. Pando stores a copy of an uploaded file to Pando’s servers from 7 to 30 days. It stays in the server in order to seed it for other users. Aside from this, the program also features server-assisted delivery, which helps increase the availability of files as well the speed of delivery. This file-sharing program also displays statistics about the time and number of downloads given by the sender. It also supports most of the IM clients, which allows users to IM large files via these IM clients. The program’s capability can also be extended via the use of plug-ins. Available plug-ins include plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and others. Configuration options are also available for customizing program mechanisms. Available options include setting profiles, automatic options, changing upload speeds, setting notifications and alerts, setting My Channels options, and more.