Pandion Instant Messenger 2.6.106

Pandion (Open Source)

Pandion Instant Messenger is a client used for XMPP network instant messaging that makes use of open standards. XMPP stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol and is a real-time communication mechanism. The program makes use of TLS and SSL encryption protocols for messaging security. Users can not only send contacts messages, they can also view profiles, modify backgrounds and fonts, make use of emoticons, have access to message history, and block IDs.

A Sign-up Wizard enables new account creation and chat in a matter of minutes. Application interface makes navigation easy and provides a large collection of avatars. A resizable emoticon palette contains and displays program emoticons with varied themes. 500 downloadable emoticons are made available in the program website. A data compression function minimizes bandwidth usage. A Tools menu can be accessed by users to change connection settings. Sign-in authentication and secure communication is made possible by specifying passwords, addresses, and Windows authentication.  A plug-in support feature allows users to create their own plug-ins and incorporate new application features. Files transfer and sharing between contacts are not allowed. A group chat feature enables conference rooms to be set up. Any type of XMPP server can be used with the program like GoogleTalk.