Panda USB Vaccine

Panda Security (Freeware)

Panda USB Security is a security application that protects computers from malware that can be installed from USB drives and external devices. The software has a double layer of protection that allows users to disable the autorun tool on computers and USB drives. This is done to prevent threats from modifying or adding malicious code. Aside from providing USB protection, the application also offers computer vaccination. Users are alerted of the files and programs that are removed.

Panda USB Security has a simple interface. Both novice and advanced computer users can operate the application. The main window is divided into two parts: Computer Vaccination and USB Drive Vaccination. An exclamation mark appears on the window if the computer has not been vaccinated. For the USB Drive Vaccination, users can choose a USB drive from the drop down list and click on the ‘Vaccinate USB’ button to start the vaccination process.

Here are other features of the program:
• No installation required to run the program
• Does not clog up system resources
• Easy to use
• No configuration required
• Completely free

The application is only capable of preventing threats from accessing the computer. It cannot remove viruses that are already present in the system.