Panda Titanium 2008 Antivirus + AntiSpyware

Panda Software International (Proprietary)

Panda Titanium 2008 Antivirus + AntiSpyware is a security tool that protects computers from known and unknown threats, such as viruses, spyware, hacking, rootkits, and online fraud. It boasts of an UltraFast scan engine and SmartClean technology, which is able to disinfect the computer without inflicting damage on the system settings. Another feature is its ability to restore the system settings that had been damaged due to a virus. An automatic update system runs in the background immediately after the application detects an Internet connection, and makes sure the application always has the latest virus signatures.

The interface and simple and free of clutter. There are buttons for scanning the computer system, updating virus signatures manually, and configuring the application’s basic settings. The scan options include preferences for scanning folders and files, and a list of preset scan tasks. After the scanning process, the application generates scan reports that show the number of files scanned, the infections found, and the cleaning actions done.

Users are provided with access to the Interactive Troubleshooter should they encounter difficulties when using the program. A detailed virus encyclopedia is also available, as are cleaning tools that are free of charge from the developer’s website. With this application, users can do their banking online, check emails, chat, share photos, and browse the Internet without worrying about spyware and viruses.