Panasonic Document Management System

Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Panasonic Document Management System is a document workflow management tool with a full coverage of the whole process from start to finish. Its main function is to streamline management-related tasks. This utility can be used for various functions, including data entry, file sharing, and editing. It is a handy tool that allows documents to be prepared efficiently for future emailing, filing, faxing, and printing.

This application automatically creates an image file of any document type that is imported into the program. The file is readily displayed and this facilitates easy search and identification of the document when called for. Annotations allowed include text, memos, and graphics which become handy when the document needs to be proofread or circulated.

Panasonic Document Management System can integrate separate procedures into a seamless flow. This program is easy to use and supports a wide array of file formats. In one window, this program can tackle files of different format such as MS Excel, MS Word, and image files as well. All these documents are combined into one set and can be processed together without need for the original applications that created them.

This program is developed by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. and is primarily intended to improve the workflow in a clinical setting.