Palringo Limited (Shareware)

Palringo is a server-based instant messenger that can be used in different platforms. The program was initially released in 2006. Palringo allows users to communicate with other Palringo users using a proprietary protocol. With the program, users can join in group chats or chat with a Palringo contact one on one. Groups can support up to 2000 users. The program offers thousands of groups to join, wherein users can chat with others who share the same interests. Additionally, users can create their own chat room and for friends, family, and co-workers.

Aside from instant messages, Palringo also offers voice-messaging services. The program also has a picture-messaging feature that enables users to drag and drop a photo to the Palringo window to share with contacts. The location feature automatically changes the user’s location in the status so that contacts will know where they are.

Palringo also offers premium features for a fee. Some of the premium features include message packs, themes, avatars, premium bots, and many more. These add-ons can be purchased from the program’s official website. Other features of premium Palringo accounts include removal of banner ads, increased maximum number of Palringo groups and contacts, push notifications, and chatting with contacts in landscape mode.