Palm OS Desktop

PalmSource, Inc (Freeware)

Palm OS Desktop is a personal information manager that is used to sync a Palm device with the user’s computer so that all files and information stored in the device may also be accessed from the computer. The changes done to the Contacts List, Calendar, Memos, and Tasks will be updated in the computer. Likewise, when the user edits his or her Palm data from the computer using this program, the application will automatically sync the data with the mobile device. The synced data may also be treated as backup files, so that in the event that the device becomes damaged or is lost, the user will still have a copy of important data in his or her computer.

Palm OS Desktop has four modules wherein users can manage their personal information: contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks. These modules enable users to set single-date or repeating appointments, sort tasks by priority or category, and make journal entries. Syncing the data with the Palm device is automatically done using the program’s HotSync Manager utility. This information manager also allows users to share information securely. This application is compatible with Palm Centro, Palm TX, Tungsten E2, Z22, and Treo models 755p, 700p, 680, and 650.