Palm Desktop 6.2.2

Palm, Inc. (Freeware)

Palm Desktop is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) application developed by Palm, Inc. It serves as the main companion software for any Palm device providing a main interface for exchanging data between the Palm device and a personal computer. This allows users to sort, manage, view, edit, backup and add any content to the Palm OS device.

The software includes four modules:

• Address Book – This module allows users to keep track of addresses, personal and company information, names, birthdays, and other contact details stored in the Palm device. It also allows users to connect any record to any address card.
• Date Book – This module serves as the program’s calendar. It allows users to manage events and appointments. Like any calendar, this module can be viewed in three ways – in terms of Day, Week, or Month. Users may also manage the events’ duration. Some events can also be set to display special days like birthdays, anniversaries, or vacations.
• Memo Pad – The Memo Pad module allows users to make memos during meetings, or phone calls. Attaching a memo to another record is possible as well. Users may add both date and time to the memos.
• To Do List – This module is used for keeping track of tasks or any to-do items. The list can have its own title, priority, or date of completion. Aside from this, setting the to-do-list to repeat over a period of time is also possible.

Users can add content to any of the modules anytime. Attaching or connecting any record between the Palm device and the computer can be done.