Palisade Guardian (Freeware)

Palisade Guardian is an online defense game that tasks players to defend the field against the Nazis. The game is set during World War II. The Flash game can be controlled using only the mouse and keyboard. The left mouse button is used for firing, the arrow keys (left and right) are pressed whenever players want to switch weapons, and the space bar is used for zooming in. The R key is pressed for reloading ammunition to the weapon.

At the beginning of the game, soldiers start attacking a building. The player’s task is to shoot the soldiers in order to kill them. Players get to earn money at the end of each level. The money can be used to purchase more weapons. Money is also awarded for headshots and accuracy bonuses. The structure gets more difficult to defend as the player progresses through the different levels in the game. It is played in the first person point-of-view. More of the game’s features are listed below:

• Comes with 35 levels of defense action
• Players get to choose from a variety of weapons that are available
• Weapons are based on six artillery used during World War II
• Has soundtrack and sound effects that makes the game more exciting