Pale Moon 3 26.3.0

Moonchild Productions (Open Source)

Pale Moon is an Internet browser add-on for popular Web browser Mozilla Firefox. This browser focuses on code efficiency, enabling faster browsing if installed on modern PCs. A number of available plug-ins for Firefox is also compatible with Pale Moon.

Although built on Firefox, Pale Moon is unlike the former when it comes to internal structure and user interface. First, browser performance is increased by making using of Microsoft’s compiler flags. Because of this, older computers are incompatible with the add-on, which enhances modern computers with faster CPUs. To further improve performance, some Firefox functions are prioritized, such as the crash reporter, parental controls, and scripting. The status bar is present in this browser’s interface. There is also a tab bar which can be seen just below the toolbars.

Pale Moon uses minimal system resources. This is made possible by the reduced amount of code and features that are made optional to users. Also, because of the amount of coding, there is a significant boost in performance manifested in faster loading time and fewer crashes when multiple tabs are opened. The browser supports icons and fonts that can be downloaded from the computer. Also, the user’s Firefox profile can be imported into the browser.