PaintTool SAI

SYSTEMAX Software Development (Shareware)

PaintTool SAI, or simple SAI, is a Windows raster graphics-editing program developed by SYSTEMAX Software. Development of this program initially started on August 2, 2005 and it was initially released on October 13, 2006. This painting tool is mainly available in Japanese. However, an English translation is also available.

The program provides various features for performing raster graphics tasks. Its interface enables multiple files to be opened and manipulated simultaneously. The program also provides customization features. The user can edit most of the program’s features and settings either through the provided misc.ini file or through the built-in Options. Some of the aspects that users can customize include the existing brush presets and canvas presets. Users also have the ability to add customized brush and canvas presets.

The program offers several tools including:

• Drawing Color – The program has a drawing color panel, which displays both primary and secondary colors. Users have the ability to exchange these two types of colors.
• Common Tools – Common tools available in the program include selection tool, move tool, lasso tool, magic wand, among others. This set of tools is used in both normal and vector layers.
• Painting Tools – This type of tool is used for painting normal layers. Available painting tools include watercolor, marker, eraser, pencil, airbrush, binary pen, and more.
• Linework Tools – The program includes various linework tools including curve tool, linework pen, linework eraser, control point, and more.