PaintStar 2.70

Zhenzou Wang (Freeware)

PaintStar is an application primarily used for editing images. It can process images and do editing tasks like retouching, morphing, and labeling photos. It has a number of tools, which can be used for digital painting. To use the program, the user needs to load the image in the file browser utility. Only then can the user start with the editing process.

Through PaintStar, images can be transformed. For instance, they can be rotated, scaled, or flipped. Gradient tools that add color effects are available. With the selection tools, users can select a part of the image to crop or manipulate. Some of these tools for selection include elliptical, fuzzy, and free selection tools. Images being edited can be zoomed up to 2000% of their original size. This means that when the user cannot see a part of the photo clearly, he or she can zoom the image for more detail. Color tools give the software the ability to retouch colors, undo them, or make the image lighter or darker. Through the screen capture utility, the program allows capturing a screenshot of the desktop and then working on it, before saving it as an image. Supported image formats include JPEG, GIF, and BMP.