Jon Rafkind (Shareware)

Paintown is an action packed side-scrolling fighting game presented in 2D reminiscent of the fist arcade games. This computer game is available as an open-source utility. This game has similarities to Streets of Rage 2 and Sega Genesis, which are games under the same genre. This game is reportedly of the same style as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Double Dragon. Players have a huge selection of players to choose from.

Players of Paintown have the opportunity to customize many different aspects of the game such as the menu system, the game levels, and the players as well. The editors allow for the designing of new animations and new levels. This game also serves as an extensible project for programmers who want to write their own fighting game. This utility also has a BSD license and has low requirements in terms of GPU and CPU usage.

There are two game modes with enough challenges to satisfy arcade game lovers. This game has basic, old style graphics, with pixilated background scenes and fighting characters. Kicks and special punches are available to the player however, the movements are also not as varied as other games. This game allows network play.

This game is compatible with many systems including Linux, PS3, Wii, Android, OSX and Windows OS.