Paint Shop Pro 8

Corel Corporation (Shareware)

Paint Shop Pro 8 is an image editing and improvement application that allows its users to make use of various tools to make different types of image files that appear better by means of digital enhancements. Developed and distributed under the Corel Corporation, the Paint Shop Pro 8 program improves even the best photographs. Program users can easily tweak image files with the help of different design and editing tools. This particular version, compatible with various operating systems, is equipped with even more tools and Photoshop functions that make image editing all the more simpler with better outcomes for the program user to enjoy.

The Paint Shop Pro 8 makes use of something called 64-bit architecture and this is a comprehensive series of tools that improves the overall performance of the image application. Aside from gaining access to a wider array of editing tools, users also have the ability to enjoy faster editing speeds not to mention improved editing power when they utilize the Paint Shop Pro 8. When particular image files have been imported, edited, and saved, the user can then choose to share these over the Internet or any similar networks with ease thanks to the improved function and performance of the program.