Painkiller Resurrection

Homegrown Games (Proprietary)

Painkiller ā€“ Resurrection is a standalone expansion for the Painkiller video game. It was created by Homegrown Games and was released on October 27, 2009. The gameplay is somewhat the same as the main game with several changes and additions. The player has to defeat several enemies then move from one area to the next. Like the original game, the available weapons have their alternate fire systems.

One of the changes in this expansion is that the levels are larger, with added sections and paths requiring the player to explore environments. In some instances, players also have to complete some objectives. One major change here is that players have the ability to access the entire map freely. The game also features new elements not available in other expansions or in the main game including new weapons, levels and cut scenes.

The game features a new protagonist ā€“ Bill Sherman. The player takes the role of Bill. The storyline revolves around Billā€™s journey in saving his soul by defeating evil creatures eventually leading him to his ultimate goal, which is to protect the purgatory from Ramiel and Astaroth. The game has three possible endings. There is the bad ending where Ramiel tricked Bill, which resulted in Bill dying in the end and sent to Hell. The good ending shows Ramiel truly carries out his promise to bring Bill back to life. The Neutral ending shows Bill killing Ramiel and becoming the ruler of purgatory.