Painkiller Redemption

JoWooD Entertainment AG (Proprietary)

Painkiller – Redemption is the fourth expansion pack for the Painkiller video game. It was released in 2011. Like the Overdose expansion, Redemption is originally a game modification developed by Eggtooth, a group of Painkiller fans. DreamCatcher Interactive, the same publisher of the main game, officially published this expansion. The expansion features minor graphic changes, a new soundtrack, about 6000 enemies and 6 new levels. The maps used here are the same as the maps found in the original multiplayer mode of Painkiller. Aside from the added monsters, the monsters from other Painkiller entries are still present including the final boss.

Both Belial (from Overdose) and Daniel Garner (from the main game) return in this expansion pack. Players can play both Daniel and Belial. The game’s story is told through the animated texts. It begins with Belial saving Daniel from the queen of Hell, Eve. After saving Daniel, the two goes into a battle with Eve’s minions in the purgatory. After the battle, the two found Bill Sherman from Resurrection. The two were able to take out Eve with Bill’s aid. The expansion ends with Eve being defeated and a surprise arrival of Samael, the angel from the main game who gave Daniel the order to destroy Lucifer. In the later part of the game, Samael’s true plan to take over Hell is revealed.