Painkiller Recurring Evil

Nordic Games GmbH (Shareware)

Painkiller: Recurring Evil is an add-on for the first person shooter game Painkiller. In the game, players must battle monsters in different locations including monasteries, graveyards, castles, opera houses, and more. The base game offers five chapters with each chapter having five levels. Painkiller: Recurring Evil offers five additional levels to the base game. It also offers more than 4000 enemies to beat. The add-on was released in 2012.

Painkiller: Recurring Evil’s storyline continues from the story of Painkiller: Resurrection. It is also the side story for Painkiller: Redemption. In the game Bill Sherman, the lead character in Painkiller: Resurrection, assumes the role of the ruler in Purgatory. Samael, a fallen angel, steals Bill’s Sword of Seraphim. Bill must battle Samael in order to get back the Sword of Seraphim.

Players are given tasks to finish for each level. The monsters that appear are also different for each level. There are also special tasks that players can perform in order to gain a rare tarot card that can give the players bonuses, such as better weapons or slow motion. Painkiller: Recurring Evil can be played in multiplayer mode. There are different modes of play in multiplayer mode including deathmatch and capture the flag.