Painkiller Overdose

Mindware Studios (Proprietary)

Painkiller – Overdose is the second expansion to the Painkiller FPS video game. It was released in 2007. Initially, this expansion was just a game modification created by a fan. After its release, Mindware Studios decided to support the game mod technically and financially. Like the main game, it has the same gameplay wherein the focus is destroying armies of monsters. This expansion offers 40 types of monsters, 16 additional levels, and 6 additional weapons.

The objective of the game is to complete each level by killing the monsters. There are still boss battles and special tasks in every level like in the main game. The expansion includes single player and multiplayer modes. The game’s multiplayer mode also provides various game types including Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

The game takes place after Daniel defeated Lucifer with the player assuming the role of a half demon and a half-angel gatekeeper named Belial. Lucifer’s death gives Belial a chance to escape and to start plotting revenge against Samael and Cerberus – the creatures responsible for his imprisonment. The game begin with the player (as Belial) slaughtering his prison warden. Belial’s journey leads him to different hellish areas as well as destroying various demons. Eventually, Belial reaches Cerberus and kills him. Afterwards, Belial finds Samael’s lair and kills him. As an act of vengeance, Belial also rips Samael’s wings after killing him.