PageScript 3.0.3

AbeeLabs Systems Inc. (Shareware)

PageScript 32 by AbeeLabs Systems Inc. is a DLL, or a Dynamic Link Library, which contains all the procedures, classes, and functions necessary to enable programmers to print to any Windows device using any 32-bit programming language. With this application, users can create documents, lists, and reports easily. Expertise on the Windows application programming interface or API is not required. Programmers who are using Delphi, XBase++, or xHarbour programming languages may use the application’s built-in demo classes and functions wrappers developed for these languages. Aside from these programming languages, programmers may also utilize this application with any 32-bit programming languages using the application’s documented application programming interfaces.

One of the key features of PageScript 32 is its built-in preview and direct support for PDF files. This feature allows users to print to PDF files, eliminating the need to send a print job to a printer. It also lets programmers code their reports once, whether they want to send a print job to PDF, to a printer, or to the application’s print preview system. This saves on time and programmers will also be able to maintain their codes more easily. Users may also encrypt the created PDF files. The content of the Print Preview pages may be saved as EMF files if preferred.