PageNest 3.30

Solent Software (Freeware)

PageNest is an offline web browser that allows users to view websites even if the computer is not connected to the Internet. It works by making an exact copy of the website on the computer’s hard drive so that users can access the information later on. It includes all the items in the browser including CSS, images, html, and text.

The program makes use of a multi-threaded downloading engine that can download several pages at once. This makes downloading pages faster. Pages downloaded with the application can be accessed from the user’s preferred web browser or from the PageNest browser. When downloading the program also downloads based on the correct file type that makes it accessible on any computer. The application’s user interface is intuitive. A panel on the left side of the window consists of all the categories of web pages. The left side of the window consists of two tabs – Welcome and Sites. The upper part of the window consists of buttons that are used for navigating web pages.  

Here are the other features of the PageNext program:

• Support for downloading any type of file
• Keeps a long history of websites visited
• Allows users to keep permanent copies of sites