PADS Layout Translator

Mentor Graphics Corporation (Shareware)

Mentor Graphics Corporation is the company responsible for developing and releasing the program PADS Layout Translator. PADS stands for Personal Automated Design System and it is a fully functioning application that serves to provide users with access to different tools necessary for the development of PCB design. The program comes equipped with the tools that make this endeavor fast and easy to deal with. It is able to generate designs that are effective and the processes that are run to achieve this outcome are extremely efficient.

The PADS Layout Translator is a program that reduces the time spent on developing various image designs. By reducing the time spent developing these designs; the program alternately reduces the costs necessary for these tasks to be completed. It is renowned for having the best tools for all elements of the design process. It can easily be tailored to suit the design development tactics of the user. The program also makes it easier for users to deal with something like multi-level design. Everything is done step by step and there are regular dialogue box prompts to help ensure that the user is sure of a particular design decision. This makes it easier to alter the design as necessary.

There are plenty of features that can be enjoyed by those who rely on this design program. Other reliable features include the following:

• Analogue Simulation
• Signal Support
• Thermal Analysis Support