Mentor Graphics Corporation (Shareware)

PADS is a graphics application developed by Mentor Graphics Corporation. This program enables users to create Printed Circuit Board designs for use in technical industries. This program is an integrated and scalable PCB design solution that is especially useful for designers and engineers. Printed Circuit Board development involves analog design, schematic entry, thermal analysis, signal and power integrity, and complete PCB layout to manufacturing preparation process.

PADS features a complete PCB design solution. It offers CIS-based schematic editing support. It also features variant management. It features PCB layout and RF design tools. This program also features interactive push and shove, analog simulation, and advanced 3D viewing. It also features thermal analysis, coupled with signal integrity analysis. This program also features high-speed interactive routing, as well as auto-routing functionality. For simple guides and explanations, this program also offers an Evaluation guide, tutorials, Quickstart templates, and Concept guides.  

PADS features a Windows-based user interface with the workspace occupying the main part of the window. The Output window is shown on the lower left side of the window. The bottom right window shows the Navigation window. Functional tools and commands are shown as buttons located at the top of the window below the menu bar. PADS Options window features a tabbed interface with ten tabs located at the top which corresponds to General, File, Display, Placement, Routing, Tune/Differential Pairs, Strategy, Test Points, Fabrication, and Design Verification.