PacMania II

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

PacMania II is a game about hunting monsters and eating dots. This is a remake of the classic Pacman game in 3D. PacMania II features the same challenging labyrinth that made Pacman popular among computer gamers in the 1980s. This game has novelties which are not present in the classic game that originated in Japan.

PacMania 2 has a unique atmosphere because of the modifications made in terms of visuals and sounds. The main highlight of this game is that it is presented in a 3D environment. The walls, galleries, and characters are all in three-dimensional rendering. The graphics of this game are very modern and the sound effects are state-of-the-art as well. This computer game has three different modes namely Classic, Advanced, and CarMania. The Classical mode is designed for old-style gaming while the Advanced mode is for people want a more adventurous game. Meanwhile, the Carmania mode is for people who are passionate about cars.

In PacMania II, the player can choose which character he or she wants to play. The player can also identify the theme of the game at the outset. Another exciting feature of PacMania II is that the player can exchange roles with the game’s monsters. The race through the maze is also more challenging and requires strategizing.