Pacman 2005

WEBLUNA (Shareware)

Pacman 2005 is a fun remake of the popular 1980s arcade video game. This more recent installment of the classic Pacman game retains many of the features of the original. For instance, the sound effects have not been changed at all. The tiny yellow man that the player controls must still devour the dots in order to complete a level. Nevertheless, the visual graphics is markedly improved compared to the old Pacman games. Bonuses appear out of nowhere and game difficulty increases as the player progresses from one level to the next.

What sets this game apart from other versions and knockoffs of Pacman is the improved range of user customization options available to players. The control key layout can be reconfigured and the game speed may be changed as well. The player can also opt to turn off the sound effects. The game also offers a level editor for gamers who want to make their own game boards.

The main objective of Pacman 2005 players is to collect the pellets before they are annihilated. It is also important not to make contact with the ghost characters, not unless they are already blue in color.
Pacman 2005 requires very simple controls. Direction is controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard. If the player wishes to change the game quality, the “Q” key can be used.